Full service, low fees.

Save money and sell your home professionally and simply.

Our goal:

Have you been told that selling your home will be cheap and easy, only to be confronted with additional fees, up front costs, and frustrating discussions? We understand the difficulties that you face and we’re committed to making this process easy.

Your home is one of your largest investments. You want to sell it for top dollar with the least possible hassle. You don’t sell homes often and you need to feel confident that you’re doing it right. You hope to retain as much of the money that your home sells for as possible. After all, you earned this money and you deserve to keep it.

How We Do It:

The goal when selling a home is to achieve the highest selling price with the lowest realty fee’s. Many full service real estate companies promote a commission structure of 7% on the first $100,000 of sale price plus 3% on the balance of sale price (referred to as 7% & 3%).  This commission would most often be split ½ for the listing agent and ½ for the buying agent (3.5% & 1.5% listing agent, and 3.5% & 1.5% for buyers agent).

Cash Back Real Estate Inc. offers a reduced listing commission structure of 2% on the first $100,000 of sale price, and 1% on balance of the sale price. When combined with the buyers agent commission of 3.5% on the first $100,000 of sale price and 1.5% on balance of sale price (2% & 1% listing agent plus  3.5% & 1.5% for buyers agent).

A savings of $1,500 on the first $100,000 and $500 per each additional $100,000 of sale price results.

For example:

Home value: $400,000

With a 7% (3.5% + 3.5%) on first $100,000, and 3% (1.5% + 1.5%) on balance of sale = $16,000 (+GST)  split 50/50 equals  $8,000 +GST for each agent.

With Cash Back Real Estate at 5.5% (2% + 3.5%) on first $100,000, and 2.5% (1% + 1.5%) on balance of sale = $13,000 (+GST) or $5,000 + GST for sellers agent and $8,000 +GST for buyers agent.

You save $3,000 (+GST)!


Q. Does the 2% on the first 100K and 1% on balance of sale include all aspects of selling my home? Are there any other fees? Service charges? Contract negotiation fees? Open house fees?

A. There are NO OTHER FEES for listing your home with Cash Back Real Estate. Nothing hidden. No surprises. As with all real estate transactions, you will be responsible for paying your legal fees and any associated costs for standard closing documents such as condominium documents, a Real Property Report, any Testing or Inspection services etc.

Q. Do I have to pay Cash Back Real Estate upfront? Other people I’ve called have said I have to pay thousands of dollars right now in order for them to list my house.

A. Absolutely not. We don’t get paid until we successfully sell your house. Our fees (and those of the buyer’s realtor) will come out of the house proceeds. No need to come up with any cash now.

Q. What if my house doesn’t sell? Do I still owe you money?

A. Yes, to be fair the listing agreement will include a requirement for a payment of $350 to Cash Back Real Estate Inc. within 2 weeks by cheque or e-transfer if listing is taken off the MLS unsold for any reason. This reimbursement to Cash Back Real Estate Inc.  will  partially cover the cost of 3rd party  measuring, photography, and brochure design / print services.  You will retain the measurement data sheets, and the photos for future use. Unfortunately  the video is branded and so is not transferable. Cash Back Real Estate Inc.  absorbs the cost of sign delivery / removal, lockbox rental, and MLS,and social media posting fees it makes on your behalf.

Q. Will you buy my house if it doesn’t sell? I’ve heard about other places that guarantee they will buy my home if it doesn’t sell.

A. A guaranteed home sale seems very attractive, particularly in a slow housing market. The issue is that guaranteed home purchase offers are generally made for less money than your home may be worth. We would much rather sell your home for the best price than offer you a lower price and buy it ourselves.

Q. What role do I play in marketing my home? Do I have to attend open houses? Should I be there to show the home to potential buyers?

A. Home selling is often emotional. Usually homeowners are attached to their homes and want prospective buyers to appreciate all the homes unique characteristics. Unfortunately, this often makes buyers uncomfortable. Buyers prefer a more anonymous home buying experience where they can freely and openly discuss the property amongst themselves without fear of offending anyone.

The best ways for sellers to assist in marketing their home is to make sure the home is well presented, clean and inviting. Additionally, Cash Back Real Estate will provide sellers with a social media friendly link to their home’s listing. If you’d like to help market your home, please share these links with your social media contacts to help get the word out!